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The people who know Thailand and live there will give you at least 5 good reasons to retire in Thailand:

1) – the cheap cost of living in Thailand
For example, at the Mandara Residence, full boarding with the help of a registered nurse who also takes care of the physically handicapped will not cost you more than two thousand five hundred euros a month.

2) – No more winters!
You will be in the warm sun all year round. Thailand enjoys a warm climate all year round.

3) Thailand, land of smile!
Thailand is known as the land of smile and for good reasons: The kindness and warmth of the Thais are legendary and they excel in the service and hospitality sector.

4) Thailand is very safe.
Thailand is a very safe country. You can wander without fear of attacks which occur in some American or European towns after night fall. Foreign tourists and foreign residents run less risk in Thailand than in the U.S. or some European towns.

5) Respect for senior citizens
According to Thai traditions, culture and values, children are educated from the youngest age to show respect to older people, especially the senior citizens which is a fast disappearing tradition in the western world. When meeting you, the young Thais will join their hands together (as in a prayer) to show respect for your older age.


1) - Pattaya and Jomtien are seaside resorts
Pattaya and Jomtien are seaside resorts and their rural environment is much better for your health than the smoky traffic and pollution of Bangkok. For example the Rongvorawan retirement resort is located outside the town. The country biggest international airport is less than 2 hours away without the need to go through the traffic jams of Bangkok.

2) – Thailand international center for medical care
In the Pattaya area you can find hospitals of international standards with the latest equipment and doctors trained in the west. They employ multilingual staff who can speak your language. Thailand is fast becoming a centre of medical tourism due to its lower cost of medical care and personal caring attention, gentleness and grace of the doctors and nurses.

3) Pattaya vibrant night life and day life

  Pattaya and Jomtien are world class international resorts. You will find huge international shopping malls and the same products you are used to at home.
Thailand is not part of the third world any more. You will find a huge choice of restaurants with cuisine from many different countries at a fraction of the price you pay at home. Most leisure activities can be practiced here.

There are many idyllic spots for excursions. There are excellent golf courses. There are many social clubs: American, British and European, international clubs such as Rotary clubs in English, Thai, French and German and various expatriate associations. For those of you who so desire there is also an incredible night life in Pattaya and Jomtien with gogo bars and beer bars with pretty sexy hostesses, massage parlours, cabarets etc.
Pattaya is alive 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Pattaya’s nightlife is world famous. For the retirees, you could rest in your country bungalow or studio at the Kasira farm old people’s home surrounded by greenery and singing birds and 15 minutes later be in the middle of Pattaya, a kind of Asian Las Vegas.